Margotta s.r.l. is a consulting company established in the 1970s by initiative of its President from the idea of a group of professionals with extensive experience as company directors.

The in-depth knowledge of business issues developed in over 40 years in the business, enables us to create integrated organisation models that include services and supporting IT tools.

Our values

Margotta s.r.l. believes in the professionalism of its collaborators as an essential requirement for the high-quality provided to its Clients.

Such professionalism is achieved both through specific training and tutoring programmes and with awareness and involvement actions with the primary objective of satisfying our Clients.


The Company Management defines and implements a cohesive set of processes, planned and monitored so that services can meet Client demands.

Reaching, stabilising and improving such conditions require an ever-increasing level of integration between different management processes that affect service quality directly or indirectly. Assimilating procedures and managerial tools, shared by the entire organisational structure, represents an essential requirement to successfully implement this policy.

The Organisational System adopted is a fundamental tool to maintain the organisation’s commitment to improve performance and remain focused on Clients.


Margotta s.r.l. wants to provide services that are truly useful for company development with an extremely pragmatic approach based on concrete theoretical foundations and just as concrete professional experiences of the consultants involved.

Forty years of activity are a source of price for us and mean we are recognised by the market, which rewards the work method and professionalism at the basis of our mission.

Margotta is:

  • Employment Agency (authorised by the Ministry of Labour No. 2893 of 29/1/2007)
  • Training centre authorised by Regione Emilia-Romagna for apprenticeship, Continuous and permanent training, Higher education (code no. 9035)
  • Organisation authorised to Source employees and support Reallocation by Regione Emilia-Romagna (resolution no. 1824 of 10/2/2016)
  • Actuator organisation authorised by Forma.Temp (certificate no. 0007.0357)
  • Patent application no. 102016000015515 for mobile devices with no reception.