In a period in which markets are characterised by a generalised recession, reducing management cost has become a priority.

Whatever the nature of energy consumption (company, sports facility, offices, houses, outdoor lighting), implementing LED technology is useful to save money. How to do it? Through Relamping.


“Plug and Play” relamping is the partial or total replacement of lamps. There is no need to intervene on the existing system. This solution offers multiple advantages, starting with energy savings.

It means saving between 50 and 75% on the electricity bill. And there are advantages for the environment as well. For example, replacing a neon lamp with an LED lamp reduces CO2 emissions by 225 kg: the equivalent of the carbon dioxide absorbed by nine pine trees in a year.

Our Plug and Play Relamping involves:

  • Feasibility study
  • Calculation of effective savings and amortisation schedule
  • Installation of LED lights
  • Warranty on all installed products
  • Assistance for the attainment of white certificates (TEE)
  • Assistance for the activation of the lease service
  • Consultancy for the supply of electricity and gas